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Flat Rancher project presented by LCCW:


What is the Flat Rancher Project?  

The Flat Rancher project is a producer led/curriculum-based lesson that teaches school aged kids how their beef gets from our ranches to their plates.

How does it work?  

The project starts with a fun interactive presentation from LCCW members!  After the presentation, kids color a “Flat Rancher” and send him/her with a letter to a producer from one of the following segments of the beef industry:

~Seed Stock


~Sale barn/video marketing


~Vet Medicine



~Retail/grocery store

~Beef Byproducts


The producers from each segment send the Rancher back with tons of information about their daily life and what they do for the beef industry.

Our goals for this project are:
  1. Connect kids of all ages to their food source.
  2. Support classrooms with teaching about agriculture in a hands-on way.
  3. Introduce students to the wide range of careers within this industry.
  4. Make connections for students between what they learn at school and where the real world implements those skills.
Interested in helping out or implementing this in your classroom?


Please email us:

See THE FLAT RANCHER featured in OF THE WEST newsletter 

We had so much fun today visiting the Family Resource Center in Sterling and presenting our Flat Rancher project!

The kids sure made us feel welcome by asking tons of awesome questions about BEEF!

Cattlewoman Karrie marveled as always with her rancher presentation, Britty was a hit with feed samples from McEndaffer Feedyard, including some they could try themselves! And Dezarae talked about all the “superpowers” cows have by turning grass into PROTEIN!! Niki talked about all the steps it takes to get beef from our ranches to their tables.

A huge thank you to our valued Cattlewoman Larissa Fritzler for inviting us today!

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